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Legacy Edison is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the personal and social development of girls and young women.  We  promote self-love, celebrate uniqueness, and encourage positive relationships among girls and young women nationwide. Each of our projects aim to counter the negative stereotypes placed on girls and young women, and instead, provide opportunities that  develop physically, mentally, and socially healthy girls and young women.


Although our projects are developed with all girls and young women in mind, Legacy Edison is intentional in offering specific supports to improve the life outcomes for girls and young women, with an intentional focus on those in the juvenile justice and foster systems. These supports include preventions and interventions; referrals to mental health services; counseling specific to education; decision making and relationships; healthy coping skils; career mentors; and basic needs.  


The Board and Officers of Legacy Edison are excited to serve the community in this capacity.  The Board of Directors has committed personal and professional expertise to improve the lives of young people.  Each of them are diligently working on strategies to establish a presence in the community, ensure quality programming, work collaboratively with other organizations and agencies, recruit inspiring mentors from the business sector, and increase the number of girls and young women we serve by fundraising.  


Legacy Edison's Board of Directors upholds the mission of planting seeds today to make tomorow better for others. 



Kenya Edison

Founder/Board Chairperson 

Akeila Edison-Watkins

Board of Directors

Sha'Eira Edison

Board of Directors

Cecilia Ramirez

Board of Directors

Dwayne Reed, Jr.

Board of Directors

Emmett Dashiell, III

Board of Directors


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